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When you decide to become rich you get impatient and want it to happen right away.

If you don’t have the resources, then how do you go about it?

In this post I share key things you need to know to become rich no matter where in life you are.

Get ready for action. 

Becoming rich is not only an economic state it is also very much a question of molding your mindset. I know there are exceptions (and excuses) to the rule which is why I am deliberately focusing on that becoming wealthy at any point in your life, is 100% possible. For me getting the right mindset was what took me the longest time to digest and understand. Mostly because it was such a huge mouthful. There are so many things to consider like what does it mean to have the right mindset, I thought I had it right, however, I didn’t progress too much to be honest, then after reading on the subject one night I finally understood it. There is so much more behind being “rich”, not just how do I act, should I let it show, should I not, how do I increase my wealth, how do I keep my wealth, how do I secure my family, myself, etc. This was root level knowledge I gained that moment and it has stuck forever after. If you insist on building the entire “Rich Framework” yourself, you are most welcome; you could have a long road ahead of you though. If you want some insight knowledge, read on, and let me give you some tips and tricks you can put into action right away and start building the life you want to live.
“At the time of writing a Schwab’s survey from 2021 stated the threshold for monetary wealth is a net worth of €1.9M/$1.9M. However, in another study done in France by L’Observatoire des Inégalités a person is considered rich with a net income of €3,673/$3,679 and considered “next level rich” with a net income of €7,180/$7,192.

To give the term a bit more flavor I am adding having a rich/wealth mindset as part of the term rich/wealth.

Why do I do this?

I genuinely believe that “You are not rich because you have money, you have money because you are rich.” Give it a thought as to why I say that and send me a private message or comment below, I would love to hear your feedback. I would also push for this being probably the most important lesson to learn before you become rich as it helps you maintain the level of rich you want.”


With that said, let’s continue our journey together. Becoming rich is a responsible not only for yourself but also for your surroundings and a great many questions arise on the subject when interest hits. So, what kind of mindset am I talking about here? The mindset of giving, the mindset of being grateful, the mindset of choice, the mindset of healthy, the mindset of not minding what others think, the mindset of can, the mindset of not yet and so on!

1. Giving

By giving out of pure heart without expecting anything in return forces you to be a better person. It forces you to be a good person, a person who has abundant resources to help others – and that is key. Give where it makes a difference, you will get rewarded hundred-fold or even thousand-fold.

2. Grateful

Being grateful is just as important. It makes you look for good actions instead of the opposite, and that is needed to become a rich person. Think of it as looking for opportunities, opportunities to look for good in people’s actions. It will propel you ahead feeling grateful.

3. Choice

Uh, choice is one I love, you always have a choice! This might as well be one of the most powerful ones. I could write an entire post around choice, which I will now I think of it. Anyways, making an active choice drastically lowers chance. Chance is like rolling a dice and choice is putting lead in the dice to show what you want. It’s a shortcut to advancing in life, remember that.

4. Healthy

Healthy, yeah, honestly easier said than done, like most of them. It really does require changing your habits of getting enough sleep, getting enough exercise, and eating right to maintain a healthy balance in your life. Focusing on your health will give you energy, help you stay alert, creative, and ready for action when needed, so make sure you find a good life balance.

5. Not minding

Not minding what others think, well you would probably use that right back at me here. You could say, well, I don’t mind what Scott thinks is right or wrong or whatever. Honestly, I do care, that is why I write these posts. So, I am here to help you, not drag you down, I am here to motivate you, spar with you and give you whatever you need to become rich on so many levels. The “not minding what others think” I am talking about here, is when you have negative people point out what you supposedly are capable of doing not helping you reach your goal, it can even become toxic, and what do we do with toxic situations/people? We distance ourselves! We need to be so positive that negative situations/people do not like being around us. That way we can liberate ourselves and start focusing on what is important.

6. Can do

“Can do” is what makes us move forward! It is what helps us when we do not know what to do but do it anyways! It is what helps us break down a larger task into smaller chunks to easier digest them. You can’t eat an entire burger in one go, right? Or maybe you can, but then again, does that mean you have to? Can do is not doing things recklessly because you can, it is that special force we draw out of ourselves when we are in front of something that downright scares us. We don’t turn our back here, we continue with our head up high.

7. Not yet

Not yet, is so powerful! It almost eliminates failure entirely. Just think about it for a moment. You can either say no or not yet. Not yet empowers you to continue and let yourself know that you are going on until you have reached your goal. Saying no stops right there. Not yet pushes your mind to grow and results in a growth mindset which is important when you want to become rich.


I know that was quite a mouthful and I promise to go in depth with every single point in the future. For now, and to sum up I hope you can grasp the importance of looking for small ways to change your behavior. Remember to give and be grateful, make a choice to be healthy, not minding what others think you can do as you might not yet have achieved what you want! Over and out for today.


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